Why I still mine phi2 and allium with NVIDIA?


Mining altcoins is in a big decline right now, as well as much of the crypto world, but there has been two algorithms that allowed me to avoid shutting down miners – allium and phi2. I tend to stay on the allium, but the are both special with the low TDP that they require under 100% GPU use. Both can be mined with what I call the best miner software around – the CryptoDredge, which is extremely stable, non-crashing, well working miner with 1% dev fee. In fact I’ve mined these nearly the whole summer (with declining results, but I still make more than using Nicehash at times, with less power), so I’ve already have some data on how much less power I’m paying. Well, I’m down to at least 80% of what I needed for x17, nist5, etc., and that includes the air conditioners, so in fact I’m both mining and keeping the house cool.

Where do I mine? Usually at some multipool exchanging LUX, Garlic or Tuxcoin directly for Bitcoin so I can get paid directly, but I can imagine that mining Luxcoin any of the other two would be more profitable if you keep the coin for later (may be not a good idea with the other two, actually, but LUX is here to stay).


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