Updated GTX 1070 Ti mining performance in NeoScrypt


Few days ago I wrote a mining benchmark review of the GTX 1070 Ti (and I thought – how things change! Before we talked all about CUDA cores, parallel processing, etc., now we only care if they can mine well). Because of Lyra2v2 and NeoScrypt taking over the charts I’ve done some experimenting and the NeoScrypt performance is much better when using a specialized miner. In fact – from the 1.15 MH/s I got before, I’m over 1.35 MH/s now using the KlausT mod of the ccminer, which gives much improved performance compared to the Alexis78 and Palgin mods.

Using KlausT CUDA8 version of the ccminer, locked at 912 mV, 1886 MHz, +300 memory on GTX 1070 Ti.

The same miner is also good for 1080 and GTX 1080 Ti, but they are not so fast in NeoScrypt.


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  1. Hello, I have some MSI 1070 ti cards and am interested in NeoScrypt, glad to see some good benchmarks!

    Can you give some more detail on your config file and Afterburner settings? From the screenshot it looks like intensity is set to i=16.3 but I’m not sure if that is the Config file or part of the Awesome Miner tool.
    For adjusting power draw, it seems you do this indirectly but fixing the voltage to 931mV. Is that correct? or have you settled on a TDP setting?

    1. At the end I’ve adjusted the voltage to 900 and 912 mV depending on the cards (Ctrl+F in the Afterburner screen will gove you the power curve, Ctrl+L locks a point), mostly kept the overclock. I also set up the TDP around 95 to100% now to avoid peaks, as I mine on autoswitch with Lyra and other algos and some of them need more core and have a higher power draw.

      You can configure the intensity, btw – just go to options, online services – click on any of them and there is command line options. Also you can do it separately per every miner in the options or per rig profile in the profiles.

          1. I’m currently using the The Block Factory with these settings ccminer -a neoscrypt -o stratum+tcp://s1.theblocksfactory.com:3333 -u dream2money.1

    1. my rig now leads to restarting windows (blue screen) after 10-40 min
      i tested it for couple of hours at first time
      it was ok, but now it’s not even on stock video card settings

      now i disconnected 2 rx 580 from rig, and trying 1070 in main pcie x16 slot alone
      will see

        1. It was just a f*cking bad riser) I replaced it, and now everything’s stable.

          Thanks for advice)

          Wanna buy another 1070 ti, but prices grow from minute to minute!

  2. I am getting 752kH/s on 1070 ti zotac amp xtreme using Vasya’s settings on msi afterburner using nicehash neoscrypt.
    What is wrong?

    1. Using nicehash is wrong 馃榾
      Use nicehash legacy and change the miner, or just mine neoscrypt at zpool,hashrefinery or ahashpool with KlausT ccminer release or hsrminer by Palgin 馃檪

    1. Try hsrminer by Palgin, it’s awesome on its own too. Last version gives a bump to 1070 Ti too, although you have to get used to it looking very different (it’s not forked from ccminer).

  3. Hi! I’ve got some problems with my 4x MSI 1070 8GB OC rig. I’m using SimpleMiningOS btw! I’ve been trying some different over clock settings, but honestly I don’t know how to over clock. But I’ve been careful tho, I’ve done some reading.
    With zero oc settings:
    1531 1620 1531 1657 (140w power limit)
    3802 3802 3802 3802
    I’m mining on the neoscrypt algo, and I’m getting 3480 without OC settings.

    I would really appreciate help, I’ve been struggling for 5 days now.

      1. Well, for mining you don’t need more power limit!
        Use Afterburner “synced” option and try:
        PL: between 80 and 100% (I use mine on 95%)
        Core: +135 to +155 (mine are at +155)
        Memory: +400 for neoscrypth, eth and equihash or -500 for mostly everything else(x17, nist5, blake2s, skein, phi, and more…). (mine are at -500, I don’tmine neo lately and it’s easier not changing it)

    1. Well, I tend to stick to the autoexchange pools, and seems that ahashpool has been most stable, but it doesn’t get my hashrate right (always shows lower), and neo wasn’t as profitable as x17, blake2s, nist5 and phi.

      Right now – blake2s, but I mined phi for few days and it was very low power consumption with great profitability.

      I do check the profitability once a day and if neoscrypt comes up, I’ll start again.But I don’t have the time to mine a particular coin and exchange it by myself right now.

  4. Inno 3D… Idk, the chepest one?
    Then I bought some MSI 1070 Ti Armor (DON’T BUY! They are hot, need 2 connectors each)
    Then some MSI 1070 Ti Gaming (awesome, but needs two PCI-E connectors)

    Best ones should be those with just one 8-pin PIC-E connector. It’s a waste to make multi-high-end PSUs setups just because of connectors.

  5. I have 6 x GeForce 1070 ti mining neoscrypt with ccminer klaus 8, afterburner settings are across all cards
    Power 100%
    Core +200
    Mem +700
    Each card vary in hash rate and temp a little, from 1360 to just over 1400, but the rig is stable and consistent at 8360 kh/s
    We have 36 degree Celsius day and cards max about 73, sit about 66 at night

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