TransfeWise doesn’t allow you to send money to crypto-related accounts?


You probably know about bitFlyer entering the EU market and while you are waiting your account verification you might have tried to put some money in your EUR account there. I had some funds lying in my TransferWise Borderless Account (which is currently inaccessible), so naturally I tried to move them to the account provided by bitFlyer, just to receive a message that TransferWise does not transfer money to crypto-related accounts.

Now, excuse my ignorance, but I have no idea what mark an account as “crypto-related”, so there should be something new on the bank scene in Europe that allows other services to see such a tag. Of course, they didn’t stop me from making a SEPA transfer to Mistertango (which is obviously non-crypto-related, right?), and I can still send them to bitFyer from there, but why all the hassle?

Is there or is there not some general decision from the EU banks to stop us from sending (or receiving) fiat money to bitcoin exchanges? As it was, some banks across Europe already do not allow such transfers, but at the same time they keep it quiet on the surface.


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