The Bulgarian State Agency for National Security seized 213 519 Bitcoins. Ever heard of that?


Weird as it is, the FBI collecting a pile of Bitcoins from Silk Road turned out as to be smaller than the biggest government agency hit through the years. The Bulgarian SANS (DANS in Bulgarian) that kicked the horned nest out of some customs corruption scheme, confiscating 213 519 bitcoins used as payments between the involved. Problem is – the SANS never told the Bulgarians what they did with the coins. In fact, after public information request from the investigating media Bivol (connected to Balkanleaks) they made the information TOP secret.

With Bitcoin nearing $13k per coin, that’s quite a wallet to have under the desk. 2.7 billion USD. 1/10 of the national debt of the small country. And yet, it seems that nobody knows the fate of the infamous bitcoins held by the corrupt government or the equally corrupt agency, and what’s even worse – the world doesn’t even know it happened.

And there is more to it! The coins were confiscated well before the recent forks, so the agency would also have 213 519 Bitcoin Cash (another $305+ million at the current BCH/USD rate) and then 213 519 Bitcoin Gold ($56 million). Over $3 billion held by the security agency under the radar.


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