The autoexchange pools –, and (somehow) Nicehash – where to mine?


For all I care, anything other than Bitcoin and Ethereum can rot in its grave. Well, may be other than LTC too. I certainly don’t see much use in anything other than the de facto gold standard and the most often used ICO platform, so at the end I usually prefer to collect Bitcoins and not much else. Which usually leads me to autoexchanging pools as they keep me off exchanges (otherwise I start to trade, and while the last month I’m at +$4000 from trading, it should have been +$12400 but I lost bad on a short bet). Sure, I mined a lot on Yiimp (x17, for example) and Suprnova (because it doesn’t need a wallet), but I often got back to Zpool. At least back in the days when I wasn’t entirely convinced their rates are some 20% lower than the norm.



The best thing about Nicehash is that it takes the work out of your hands and at the end you get some BTC. But it’s not w/o issues – for example, you should use their own wallet address if you want cheaper transfers, otherwise the fee is a bit too high. They also pay rarely, which makes them bad choice if you want your crypto coins sooner. And you cannot choose anything but Bitcoin. I strongly recommend using Nicehash legacy instead of their newer miner. It’s extremely well maintained, uses best miners for every algorithm (which is especially important for Equihash as the ewbf’s miner is so much better than the Nicehash miner). You can get it here at GitHub.

Well, as I said, they will pay less than the norm. Crackfoo explains it with exchange bid difference, but that doesn’t pile up to the whopping 20%, and thee were people pointing the problems in the code. That doesn’t mean you won’t get more than in Nicehash – in fact it usually pays more, but Nicehash idea is steady full auto mining. It is just the fact Zpool’s conversion is always a bit shady and overlooked, and it has some problems as man people pointed out. If I were you, I will go to and and check their profitability for any given algo (pay attention to general hashrate, sometimes larger pools have igher average because they ignore the luck factor), and then decide whether I want my coin in BTC.

This is highly recommended choice. You have great control over what you get, and you can also setup your miner to algo-mining, meaning it will switch between the most profitable coins under any given algorithm w/o your control, and collect or even autoexchange your earnings in any supported currency. Right now I’m mining Equihash there, and since I consider the Bitcoin Gold an utter shit, and Zen and Zcl simply shitcoins, I keep my ZEC and convert all the rest in BTC. Dashboard values are available for any cin they supports, and you can check what the autoswitcher is mining on the homepage.


Are there other similar services? I guess so, not sure. And then there are auto-switching miners too, but they require much more knowledge.


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