Small update on Awesome Miner – how to benchmark properly?


I’ve been playing around some limitations of the Awesome Miner – for example the integrated benchmark tests a card, and in some cases the whole rig depending on the miner and the algo. So I found out the best way to benchmark, and it involves the custom profiles in the Options menu.

  1. Head to Options>Profit Profiles and make a profile for a rig you want benchmarked.
  2. Uncheck all boxes and leave only one of the algos checked.
  3. Press OK, press OK on the main Option screen.
  4. Use the right click on the Rig of your choice and go to Properties>Profit Switching Profile, and choose the new profiel you created.
  5. Start mining, after the miner reaches full speed right click on it and click on Save Hashrate
  6. Go to 2 and check another algorithm, repeat steps to 6, restarting the miner to test the new algorithm speed.
  7. Once you finish with all desired algos, just go back for a last time and check all of them and restart the miner.

This way you will get the full mining speeds of the rigs and use them for profit switching.



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