“Purchased with Bitcoin” PC series: Buying gaming PC hardware and peripherals with Bitcoins in Europe

Gaming PC

I’ve been disconnected from the enthusiast and gaming grade hardware and accessories for quite some time – it was my job once. Owning dosens of cards doesn’t change the fact I only use them for mining and my personal PC last updates were changing the MB, CPU and mem to some already old alternatives bought from ebay and a new 980 Ti (which is also mining even today) and ever since I used it to mine, I stopped looking at newer configs. Recently I decided to assemble a new gaming PC from scratch. As you can imagine, I expect it to mine when I don’t use it, which affects my choices of components here and there.

Turned out the market is much not as I remember it, and apart from the some really obvious choices, there are number of components that required me to catch up with the trends and the available information and make decisions based on prices and availability and prioritize according to my needs.

I’ve decided to comment on some of my choices as it was an epic struggle with only one true condition – I wanted to buy the components with Bitcoins. In Europe. Buying PC hardware with bitcoins in EU left me choosing from just a handful of websites, namely:

  • scan.co.uk – Bitpay based checkout, BTC/GBP rate sucks big time, like 200-400 euro under the current rate
  • caseking.de – Bitpay based checkout in Euro, again, the rate sucks
  • alzashop.com – some other payment system, rate = Kraken rate nearly to the decimal

Staring with this article I will try to explain my choices for gaming hardware purchased with Bitcoins in EU. I’m mining with few rigs and I don’t actually need the money badly, but it’s not like I have enough free funds. Furthermore, purchasing with bitcoins means I’m not exchanging them, meaning I don’t pay income taxes. Whether this is legal in your country or not – I don’t care, but you should.

I will continue with my choices in the next few “Purchased with Bitcoin” articles, so stay tuned 馃檪

Meanwhile you can look at the config on PCpartpicker


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