Kind of unhappy with Ahashpool? Well, there is a reason (clickbait)!


Ahashpool is different than Zpool, Hashrefinery and other autoexchange pool. It is certainly different to the vastly superior Miningpoolhub that pays shit, but there is a hidden catch that will make you unhappy. When you look at their profitability – either in the table showing the last 24h, or under it on the front page, […]

Mining with GTX 1070 Ti, 1080 Ti – x17, Neoscrypt, skein, autoswitch or something else?


I’ve been trying to avoid the road of mining everything new and then wait for it to get more expensive as I don’t have the time to deal with multiple wallets (some of which are buggy to say at least), so I stick to autoexchange pools. With that being said – I have to choose […]

Bitcoin going down, NH returns, what to mine these days and WTH is wrong with the market?

Bitcoin Cryptomining

With Christmas on the doorstep and people cashing out for the holidays, Bitcoin price plummeted to unexpected levels. My worst prediction was around 13k, but we’ve seen prices even under 11k, and that’s not even the worst we could face until after the holidays. Being a miner at times as these pays off though. While […]

Daily what to mine with GTX 1070, 1080, Ti (10 December 2017) – and the best miners!


Although there are couple of ways to check it, may be you missed what’s the hottest trend today, so here is it: Lyra2rev2 – Monacoin and Vertcoin Currently top of the crop for normal mining, the Lyra2rev2 is a power hungry algo with top profitability for NVIDIA cards. Best to mine it with the ccminer […]

NVIDIA releases TITAN V for… I don’t care as I only want to try mining on it!

Mining hardware

It’sofficial, NVIDIA just announced the most powerful GPU ever. Titan V packs a punch with 5120 cores and 12 GB HBM2 stacked mem but comes at a hefty price – $3k. I know the release of the new card is a simple statement of superiority, yet my hands are itching to try it for mining. […]