NVIDIA releases TITAN V for… I don’t care as I only want to try mining on it!

Mining hardware

It’sofficial, NVIDIA just announced the most powerful GPU ever. Titan V packs a punch with 5120 cores and 12 GB HBM2 stacked mem but comes at a hefty price – $3k. I know the release of the new card is a simple statement of superiority, yet my hands are itching to try it for mining. Let’s say it has double the performance of GTX 1070 Ti – then I’d need an year of mining at the current rates… but the current rates are anything but real, and we might be down to mining scraps at the end of the month, so I can’t justify purchasing it. Don’t get me wrong, I surely can do it, after all it’s awesome…

But how good it would be for mining?

Well, if anything, it would mine twice faster than GTX 1080, if the HBM2 latencies are better than the GDDR5X, it would mine better than two GTX 1070 Ti, but that makes up for 1/3 of the price. For 3k you can get a rig with 6 GTX 1070 Ti and that won’t get beaten by one card anytime soon.


And yeah, I’ve been drooling all over the page, nothing else.


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