New T-Rex 0.8.0 Nvidia Miner

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The latest version 0.8.0 for the T-Rex Nvidia GPU miner brings support for one new PoW algorithm, namely the Geek (GeekCash Coin), a crypto project that has been available for a couple of months already, so not a new launch just to let you know. The update also comes with some relatively small performance improvements (1-3%) for the x16-like algorithms for both Nvidia GTX and RTX video cards. The latest version also introduces added watchdog functionality along with some cosmetic changes and some bug fixes and improvements to make the use of the miner easier. Do note that the T-Rex is a closed source miner with 1% development fee built-in. Also make sure you have a recent video driver installed (the latest for CUDA 10 support) as the binaries for both Linux and Windows are compiled for CUDA 9.1/9.2/10.0.

Download T-Rex miner here


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