Mining with GTX 1070 Ti, 1080 Ti – x17, Neoscrypt, skein, autoswitch or something else?


I’ve been trying to avoid the road of mining everything new and then wait for it to get more expensive as I don’t have the time to deal with multiple wallets (some of which are buggy to say at least), so I stick to autoexchange pools. With that being said – I have to choose most profitable algo, and I tend to stick to one of them. I tried algo switching, but it’s a lag-behind-the-luck strategy that rarely delivers on yiimp-based pools.

The reason of switching being a problem is that it usually takes the last hour as a reference and switches to most profitable algorithm. Yet some coins have blocks ranging from minutes to hours between finding one, and while the latter are prone to sending a “zeo-profit” info to the switcher, the former may mislead it by hitting few lucky blocks. Then also comes the warming up time every time the miners switch to something else. And on top of it is teh fact the algos have different requirements, with neo being hungry for memory seed and others loving more core clock.

In my experience sticking to an algo, especially when it has some nice history of being mostly profitable, pays off better. And between x17 (damned Verge still going strong), neoscrypt (new coins on nearly daily basis), Skein (NUMUS FTW, even if I have no idea what it is), I found that I get most out of Nist5-based Bulwark. The pool always shows my speeds wrong – except when mining BWK.

On a side note, it is supposed to be power-efficient algorithm, which I found to be mostly false. Its a power-hungry monster that I use to heat up my home now with the lower temperatures outside. And it pays well.

Best miner? Alexis78 from the Nemos package. Or you can download the Sniffingdog from the front page, let it start benching and wait for it to download the Alexsi miner, it is the best version available.


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