Kind of unhappy with Ahashpool? Well, there is a reason (clickbait)!


Ahashpool is different than Zpool, Hashrefinery and other autoexchange pool. It is certainly different to the vastly superior Miningpoolhub that pays shit, but there is a hidden catch that will make you unhappy. When you look at their profitability – either in the table showing the last 24h, or under it on the front page, where you can check the hourly profitability, the numbers are always higher than in the other pools. Yet if you leave a miner there and in hashrefinery, at the end of the day you;d probably have pretty much the same if we discard the luck factor.

My explanation – numbers don’t include the conversion fee. It is so much better if you mine a coin directly and sell it yourself, but as many others – I hate doing it, the time it takes me just doesn’t justify the hard work.

What worries me more, and it kind of sucks as it’s a problem with Miningpoolhub (MPH from now on) is that both pools fail to recognize your hashrate on certain algos. And since I’ve spent it mining, I expect to be paid for it. It is not just a problem on the frontend, at the end of a given period you simply receive much lower amount. Phi and nist5 – no problem, they are spot on. X17, neoscrypt, skein, blake2s make me cry for lost numbers. I mean – the card is 20 MH/s, no matter if I leave the vardiff or I use d=xxx in the password field, it’s always off on the website. In addition, the pool made using the difficulty setting in the ccminer password field a bit obsolete on some algos, as if it deems it too low, it will force the miner to use a new value. I got no problems on nist5 – using 0.588 mostly give an accurate picture of my hashrate, and even leaving the vardiff to work it managed to nail it. But use it on Skein? Always wrong on the front end, always lower than the real speed, and always less coins at the end of the day.


Oh, and it’s not really easy to reach to ahashpool staff, they don’t keep a tight thread in Bitcointalk.

Do you have similar observations?


8 thoughts on “Kind of unhappy with Ahashpool? Well, there is a reason (clickbait)!

  1. I have 3xgtx 1070 so I tried putting one on each pool: AhashPool, Hashrefinery and Zpool. left them for more than 30 hours, at the end the differences were very small, although ahashpool was first, the differences were much smaller than the estimates. They probably inflate the estimates so in case you are using a multipool miner, it will switch to their pool.

    1. Small using one card, try using few rigs and you’ll notice it. Also noticed that in neoscrypt you are dependent on what the pool mines, and ahash is not the most favorable of them. has better neoscrypt list with more coins lower payment thresholds and so far has been a breeze.

  2. Hey I am new to mining and ahashpool. I was wondering if you could help me understand the balanace and hashrate graphs under wallet stats on the ahashpool website. What do the different lines represent? Thanks

    1. Upper one is unconfirmed balance, lower one is balance already confirmed and ready for you.

      If you are mining neoscrypt you can start at as they send payments more often 馃槈

      Otherwise stick to ahash, no better autoexchanging pool so far.

  3. Doing with my 6×1070 and 6x1070ti rigs with MultiPoolMiner Equihash only into MPH. You would suggesto move to switch to neoscrypt @ or equihash at ahash instead? Awesome miner in one machine says ahsh is $4 crappier than Zpool under online services though.

    1. Tried neo at zerg, sometimes great, but last day was a disaster. Not to mention I hate mining neo, every single miner has problems. KlausT slower than hsrminer, needs -i 17, but crashes sometimes and couldn’t make it work w/o crash no matter what (page file few times over GPU combined memory). hsrminer bugs the hell out of me, the fork is great, but it just stops and disappears sometimes for no reason. And then you get to mine one of all the shitcoins they release every day and by the time you get payment the stocks exchange was dumped and forgotten..

      Moved elsewhere, phi is almost as profitable and muh more stable, for example, also any XVG algo.

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