European Banks attack on crypto happening now!


Not few days ago Visa closed its dealings with WaveCrest in Europe and thousands of people cards were immediately stopped. Cards that we used to charge with Bitcoins or even other currencies. Today the Bulgarian banks started declining transactions from and to bank accounts of crypto traders, and, as far as I heard – it was a decision of the Ministry of Finance that “originated from Europe”. Whether this is another fiasco similar to how they closed some local traders accounts without prior notice or it’s an organized attack on the crypto, I can’t possibly know, but it’s happening here, and I expect it to happen everywhere in EU in the next week, possibly crashing the BTC price again (which was another circulating rumor I’ve read somewhere).

The bullshit story behind it is the desire to put a VAT on the crypto, along with the money laundering blah-blah that always pops up when we start talking about crypto currencies. Funny fact – the bank that was first to comply to the Ministry of finance orders (First Investment Bank) is supposedly owned by the oligarchy and, curiously – it was the only bank (afaik) in Bulgaria that issued crypto (namely Bitcoin) investment advice in its own newspaper.

IMO it’s all complete crap, they want our taxes, and the EU is increasingly becoming all about taxation (namely VAT, as our income has always been subject of taxes). But instead of drafting something meaningful and carroting us to follow, they started with the baseball bat (not even a stick if I can’t withdraw fiat). I can’t waity for the people to get fed up with the banks’ insolence and start using crypto currencies instead of the bank-owned fiat shit.

Still, as a casual miner I’m pissed off, I don’t have much need for cash, but it’s becoming increasingly difficult to obtain it, and it was at a time when we thought we are way past bank-related problems.


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