Daily what to mine with GTX 1070, 1080, Ti (10 December 2017) – and the best miners!


Although there are couple of ways to check it, may be you missed what’s the hottest trend today, so here is it:

Lyra2rev2 – Monacoin and Vertcoin

Currently top of the crop for normal mining, the Lyra2rev2 is a power hungry algo with top profitability for NVIDIA cards. Best to mine it with the ccminer from Alexis78 (IF YOU WANT TO BE 100% SURE IT’S TROJAN/VIRUS FREE – PLEASE COMPILE IT YOURSELF. Otherwise just compare it to the file from nemosminer release with the same date to make sure it’s the same file. Or just make sure your mining rigs do not have anything of value on their drives, as any AV software will give you false positives for literally 90% of the miners), which is godly optimized. My best place to mine seems to be Miningpoolhub, although I’m not happy at all with the poolside hashrates in the dashboard. Using Miningpoolhub is great if you want autoexchange, and you can autoconvert or choose to keep your coins. VTC was really hot for a few days, but the influx of miners dropped the price. Nevertheless, it’s halving in few days, so the price will probably jump somehow if you chose to sell after a week or two when things settle with half the block rewards. MONA… well, it’s funny Asian coin and I can’t tell you why it is so hot, my best guess is it is because there are many Asians.

NeoScrypt – multipool choice

Neoscrypt is less hungry for power, more memory-dependent, meaning it will run better on 1070 cards because of the GDDR5 memory instead of the 1080 series with their latency limited GDDR5X. In fact GTX 1070 Ti achieves more than 1.3 MH/s which is closer to1080 Ti than to 1080s. Use it at Zpool.ca, or even Hashrefinery (they don’t have one of the more profitable coins there, so it will be always paying less than Zpool). The best miner are the KlausT versions of ccminer (depending on your setup they may show different speeds, again, same trojan/virus warning as before, if you want to be sure – please compile the code yourself and deal with it).


4 thoughts on “Daily what to mine with GTX 1070, 1080, Ti (10 December 2017) – and the best miners!

    1. BS, every miner will give you trojan warning and you can compare it to the release in the nemosminer and palgin pages, same files.

      P.S. ALL of the people sharing miners are sick and tired to death of people stating they have trojans in the files. Don’t fucking mine if you want to avoid AV warnings. I mean – it’s not safe!

    1. You don’t actually get more by using multiminers. At the end I want the most profitable algo, and some of them take some time to mine a block, which makes awesome miner loose on switching to other, more lucky algorithms. After trying multipool mining and algo switching on one pool I found out I’m better with sticking to one algorithm on one pool, and changing it when its profitability goes low (and even that depends on checking whether it is the bitcoin volatility or coin price crash).

      Running on multiple pools mostly means I have to wait a lot more for the payments too.

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