Bitcoin is back in business? What do you mine?

Bitcoin Cryptomining

Just wanted to say that I’m glad the rip current is over. Bearish markets with few ups and downs, but at least Bitcoin finally got on its feet, after the world didn’t end (again) with BTC plummeting to sub $1000. I haven’t been sharing what I mine for a while, so here is it:

c11 (on autoexchange) – it’s stable, fast, the pools don’t cut my hashrate to half, and draws as much power as x17, for example. There are plenty of coins, so it has a decent stability, following BTC exchange rates and trends.

x17 (on autoexchange) when I eel it’s Okay. It’s stable, yet Verge has too many orphans and luck plays a role, considering it’s half the speed of c11/phi, it can go really bad when you hit few bad orphans (like slow blocks being orphaned)

x16r (at suprnova or autoexchange) – RVN has been great, but I hate the miners and even with the most stable I couldn’t make much out of it. I’ve been late to the party, even if I had someone sending me info to mine it (but the first miners were dismal)

x16s (at suprnova) – Pidgeon is like a clone to Raven (and a bad one), but I’ve mined like 30k on Suprnova for a day, and I missed the moment to sell them. Hopefully it will get a pump one day.

phi (on autoexchange) – LUX still strong, and hashrate is high. Yet with high diff, it’s hard to justify bad luck.

Now let’s see if BTC will go to the moon as people swear it will do.



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