About Me

I’ve been into mining when we were selling Bitcoins for few dollars, I left it for a time, and then I got back. I’m also biased when it comes to GPU choices, as I never liked AMD much, it was their cards, drivers and problems that drove me out of the crypto world once, and I had to wait for years before NVIDIA caught up and it became possible to mine on their cards (I did mine YAC on GTX 770!). Nowadays I’m running few rigs and few trades, and hope for  abetter future when the fiat currencies will be obsolete.

Any opinions expressed on the website are personal and while some of them might be offensive or disrespectful to certain organizations or even persons, they are not a result of any desire to offend them, but from my personal feelings towards issues, actions or results someone else was credited for. I really don’t care how they feel anyway.