How I missed some 30-50% bonus speed with CryptoDredge (now v0.11.0)

Cryptomining News

You should definitely update your miners and drivers whenever its possible. I left my rigs to mine allium or phi2 w/o updating them for quit some time. Last week I’ve jumped on the CryptoDredge 0.10.0, and man, what a diference! I’m averaging nearly 50% higher compared to 0.7 and older versions. That’s a lot of […]

New z-enemy 1.21 Miner – faster and more stable


The latest update for the z-enemy 1.21 Nvidia GPU miner focuses on adding somehow insignificant performance tweaks and stability improvements, as well as fixing some bugs. The lest feature is the uptime reporting, so you’d know how long your mining rigs have been running without issues with this z-enemy miner build. It is recommended to […]

New Bitcoin Interest (BCI) fork first to use the new ProgPoW Mining Algorithm

Bitcoin News

A few days ago the Bitcoin Interest (BCI) fork of Bitcoin has successfully switched to the ProgPoW algorithm, becoming the first crypto coin to actually utilize this new algorithm. ProgPoW is a proof-of-work algorithm designed to close the efficiency gap available to specialized ASICs. It utilizes almost all parts of commodity hardware (GPUs), and comes […]

Innosiicon just launched T2Turbo+32T Bitcoin ASIC Miner With Up to 36 THS


Innosilicon has just launched another BTC ASIC miner called T2Turbo+32T, a 32 THS miner that can run up to 36 THS according to the company with a power usage of 2200 Watts. What the company did with the new miner is to use the same 10nm ASIC chips like their previous 24 THS T2T-24T Bitcoin […]

Rough ride for the Bitcoin while EU struggles to fight the crypto


Well, back in December I thought that Bitcoin will regain value quite fast after the holidays, but it didn’t, and it stayed true to my first experiment in graph-based-prediction (which I still think is more of a Rorschach test for Dunning-Krugerrands, bu lo, some of them happen to be right sometimes, just as my graph […]

TransfeWise doesn’t allow you to send money to crypto-related accounts?


You probably know about bitFlyer entering the EU market and while you are waiting your account verification you might have tried to put some money in your EUR account there. I had some funds lying in my TransferWise Borderless Account (which is currently inaccessible), so naturally I tried to move them to the account provided […]