Rough ride for the Bitcoin while EU struggles to fight the crypto


Well, back in December I thought that Bitcoin will regain value quite fast after the holidays, but it didn’t, and it stayed true to my first experiment in graph-based-prediction (which I still think is more of a Rorschach test for Dunning-Krugerrands, bu lo, some of them happen to be right sometimes, just as my graph […]

TransfeWise doesn’t allow you to send money to crypto-related accounts?


You probably know about bitFlyer entering the EU market and while you are waiting your account verification you might have tried to put some money in your EUR account there. I had some funds lying in my TransferWise Borderless Account (which is currently inaccessible), so naturally I tried to move them to the account provided […]

“Purchased with Bitcoin” PC series: Buying gaming PC hardware and peripherals with Bitcoins in Europe

Gaming PC

I’ve been disconnected from the enthusiast and gaming grade hardware and accessories for quite some time – it was my job once. Owning dosens of cards doesn’t change the fact I only use them for mining and my personal PC last updates were changing the MB, CPU and mem to some already old alternatives bought […]

Kind of unhappy with Ahashpool? Well, there is a reason (clickbait)!


Ahashpool is different than Zpool, Hashrefinery and other autoexchange pool. It is certainly different to the vastly superior Miningpoolhub that pays shit, but there is a hidden catch that will make you unhappy. When you look at their profitability – either in the table showing the last 24h, or under it on the front page, […]

Mining with GTX 1070 Ti, 1080 Ti – x17, Neoscrypt, skein, autoswitch or something else?


I’ve been trying to avoid the road of mining everything new and then wait for it to get more expensive as I don’t have the time to deal with multiple wallets (some of which are buggy to say at least), so I stick to autoexchange pools. With that being said – I have to choose […]

Bitcoin going down, NH returns, what to mine these days and WTH is wrong with the market?

Bitcoin Cryptomining

With Christmas on the doorstep and people cashing out for the holidays, Bitcoin price plummeted to unexpected levels. My worst prediction was around 13k, but we’ve seen prices even under 11k, and that’s not even the worst we could face until after the holidays. Being a miner at times as these pays off though. While […]